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Complete Lawn Services in New Orleans, LA

Keep your property looking its best by relying on the team at OJ's Janitorial & Sweeping Service, LLC. We offer various lawn services in New Orleans, LA, to help keep your company's property looking fresh and clean. Our skilled team will take care of everything from mowing the grass to trimming any trees and bushes. Plus, when you combine our lawncare services with our standard janitorial and cleaning solutions, our team is able to keep your whole property spotless, both inside and out. Contact us today to learn more about the landscaping solutions we have to offer or to schedule a cleaning visit from our experienced team. 

Focusing on Commercial Properties

At our company, we focus on delivering top-tier lawn care solutions for commercial and industrial properties throughout the area. Our skilled team has the skills and tools needed to handle all of your lawn maintenance needs and will ensure that your business's greenspaces look amazing. This helps to create an inviting atmosphere to attract potential clients to your business.

Additionally, we also offer parking lot maintenance to clear debris and dirt from your parking facilities and walkways. So, when you need full property maintenance services for your business, trust our team to deliver the solutions you require.