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Keeping a property clean is no easy task when you also have a wide variety of other jobs to take care of at the same time. The larger the facility and more details that need to be attended to, the more complex the job and the more stressful it becomes. Rather than struggling to incorporate the role of custodian into your already jammed schedule, the solution is to hire us at OJ's Janitorial & Sweeping Service, LLC, for the comprehensive commercial cleaning services we provide. Let us lighten your workload.

Companies around the region rely on us because we handle all the facility maintenance chores they require. Our fully trained team uses modern equipment, safe cleaning chemicals, and all the latest techniques.

We are ready to do all the interior cleaning and handle outdoor maintenance as well. Not only do we offer all the cleaning support you require, but we can also help your business through our courier services as well.

When you need your business cleaned, sanitized, and germ-free, there’s no better choice than to let our experienced cleaning professionals make your workplace safe and hygienic. Not only will using our services save you time, but they are very affordable.

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